Who's behind this???

I'm Btari Rahma, some people prefer to call me Betty, shorter and easier, I think. I am 21 years young, from the great city of Jakarta, Indonesia. I have been blogging since 2008, and all I write about back then was how hard my life is as an 8th grader. Scared of how my grandchildren can (and probably will) trace my Internet presence, I deleted my personal blog of 3 years. But I love this platform so much I keep making new ones (ps I had around 5 blogs in the past lol). This blog is my latest attempt to create a serious Internet presence. So, here I am now. Hello!

Favourite things include eating at any buffet restaurant, taking multiple shameless yet structured selfies, 22 men running around chasing a ball with their feet, and beautiful, poreless Korean stars.

Why Behehehe.com?

It was all my sister's idea. I like the sound of it, so I went for it. I also like how the domain doesn't imply it as a beauty blog, or a blog in general. hehehehehe. That's also the sound I make when I laugh irl.

So what's on behehehe.com?

I started this blog as an assignment for a unit in my course back in uni, so I already post several reviews on beauty products as my first posts for the marks. More to come on those type of posts, but also more exciting things. Haven't really thought what, but I promise it will be great......I hope.

I wanna talk to the girl behind all this behehehe nonsense!

Please, do! E-mail me. Tweet me. Tag me on Instagram. or on my other Instagram*.

*I learned that having 2 Instagram accounts is very helpful in a lot of ways, I highly recommend this.

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