Monday, February 1, 2016

Will I Ever Get to Purchase These: The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Edition

My previous 'Will I Ever Get to Purchase These' post was pretty much my rant of not being able to get Glossier products from where I live. But then I remember a friend of mine lives in Texas and last year he informed me that he's visiting Indonesia for a short amount of time. Of course of course, I asked him to order Glossier for me, which means that I will definitely write a lengthy post about Glossier products review. So, it turns out, I was able to get Glossier products from where I live (with a help of a friend, of course). However, with this particular product, I seriously doubt I'll ever get my hands on this. 

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What is it that I want to purchase?

Oh boy I almost cannot believe this, but I cannot help it. I do want my lips to look juuuust a little bit like Kylie Jenner's. The 18 years old millionaire launched a lip product, to which we all knew is bound to happen (because apparently her lips are the only things that matters in the world). The Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner consists of three shades;  Candy K, Dolce K, and True Brown K. Each shade comes with two different lip products that are lip pencil and matte liquid lipstick. 

The day it was launched I almost gave little to zero fucks about this, but it raised my interest a bit due to it being sold out in less than a minute. And then some smart beings on the Internet decided to resell them online for around $100-$400. In one case, someone sold it for $1,000. After processing all of them crazy news and information about this kid and her business, I moved on with my life and continue to my daily activities, Kylie-less. That until these two videos popped under my Youtube subscriptions tab.

Now, now. There are several reasons as of why I am very keen on having the products myself. Because not only are these reviews seem honest and genuine, I also do feel like the products deliver. The swatches look suitable to different skin tones, and the products look hella pigmented even on screen (supposedly it appears more vibrant irl). And finally, this product looks like it lasts on forever (even though it seems to be drying the fuck out of one's lips). If I do get the chance to buy this (amen to that, sister), I am definitely going for the shade Dolce K.

Why the hell can't I purchase these?


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and the wait is indefinite.

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