Sunday, January 24, 2016

Make Up Applications That Need Practice (and Patience)

Getting into the beauty realm of the Internet is, so far, addicting. However, my early days with beauty products were not as fun as they are supposed to sound. I bought several make-up products recommended by bloggers, Youtubers, and other Internet figures, got excited, and immediately tried it on my face. What nobody told me is that the products shown on Youtube tutorials did not come with the faces of the beauty gurus. This late realisation resulted in me looking at the mirror  feeling like an utter failure. I have then realised that even in beauty world especially in the beauty world, perfect application takes practices. I have created a list of four make up applications with detailed explanations of hows and whys -which seem pretty obvious, but these applications are sometimes being overlooked.

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Winged Eyeliner/Cat Eye Flick

Believe me, nobody perfects a winged eyeliner in one try. Some even have done it for a while and it still takes them 20 minute or so to achieve the perfect cat-eye look. Winged eyeliner, to me, compliments every single eye make up look, be it natural or smoky. So, practising this will come out handy once you've mastered this, because winged eyeliner really does give a statement to your eyes. There are A LOT of 'how to apply eyeliner' videos on Youtube. Look it up. Find what eyeliner might be best for you or what might be the easiest for you to apply; liquid with a brush, liquid pen, gel, pencil, or kohl eyeliner. Then, practice applying them, for me it took 5-10 practices. Maybe use a tape on your eyelid, or make separate lines first. There are also so many blog posts regarding this. This is a universal struggle, so keep holding on, you are not struggling alone!

Eyebrows Filling

This is pretty essential, because if you do this wrong, you might end up looking like an angry old man. If you want to get in the eyebrow game, you most definitely need to practice. I never have my eyebrows threaded or fixed, which is why mine is a mess, and if you're a sissy like me, it's okay to not get your eyebrows sorted! However, I would say if you want to achieve the perfect brow look, get them sorted out at a hair salon or a threading place. If you already did, again, look up on Youtube or blog posts, because like cat eye flick, this is a universal struggle, and since strong eyebrows are what people diggin', there are a lot of v/bloggers who provides tips and tricks on how to get them brows right. Find the perfect fillers for you; pencils, kohl, pomade, gel, powder, the options are limitless! Once you do, figure out the shape of your brows, and start filling them lightly. When you finish, ask someone if you have over-filled your eyebrows or they're just fine. You really need someone's approval because sometimes you just look at the mirror and think that your eyebrows look okay when actually it is not! I did practice for several times on this, and the first time I went out, I looked like Shinchan. So, practice, practice, practice!

Eyeshadow Blending

Ah, the application that I haven't even mastered yet. The one thing you need to practice this application is the perfect blending brush. Yes, there is a specific brush for blending and you shouldn't use the flat eyeshadow brush to blend. It probably works for you this whole time, but I would highly recommend you buy a separate brush specifically for blending. Other than brush, find the perfect and reasonable shades to blend. You can blend a bright green eyeshadow too, but it does take longer practice to perfect that. For beginners, I'd recommend neutral eyeshadow like browns or taupes. Blend, blend, blend, until no hard lines are visible. I personally really like it when it blends out on the outer corner crease of my eyes, so to achieve that, I would prevent over-blending on the inner corner of my eyes. This one most definitely takes more time than the previous two, so I'd say be patient!

Applying Bold Lip Colour

This is a tricky one. Tricky because when you apply it at first, it seems easy and fine. But later when you do activities such as drinking and eating, the colour of the lip started creasing and getting out of your lip line and it looks smudged all around your lips. Despite being tricky, there is an obvious and easy practice needed for this: lip liner. I would highly recommend using lip liner first before applying the dark lipstick, or if you're too bothered, just use a velvet lip pencil, therefore you don't have to do double job. Lip lining is kind of a task; it takes patience and precision. If you don't have a lip liner that matches the colour of the lipstick, that is totally fine because you can simply use a lip brush and line your lips with it. I would recommend when you do lip lining, do it on the entire lip and not just the outer part.

What other make-up applications that you feel like practice is necessary?


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