Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I have stated this sentence in possibly all of my social media; 2015 was fucking awesome. It was the best year of my life --so far. I turned 20, I spent most of my days in Perth (which I miss badly), I met a lot of amazing people, I finished my study, and I bought a shit-ton of lip products.

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I honestly kind of feel grossed out by this page on my journal

Lip products hoarding is not an uncommon problem (have you seen Zoella's makeup storage????), so I'm clearly not alone. The thing about lip products --lipsticks, lipgloss, lipstains, lipbalms, is the fact that I seem to always need a different one for a different occasion. 

'I'm going to a wedding tomorrow, I gotta find a lipstick that suits my dress,' or

'Well, Melbourne's pretty cold, which means that I need to hydrate my lips a lot. Guess I need to go to Priceline and buy another Papaw,' or even

'Shit, I need this Nars lipstick. I JUST DO.'

The reason's not always logical and often times it's an impulse purchase. But a variety of lip products always comes in handy; you can literally look edgy and different every single day with only a help of a small tube of coloured pigments. Besides, reapplying lipstick is exactly like having mints; you feel refreshed.

Pictured above are lip products which I mostly purchased in 2015. Most of these are drugstores because financially speaking, I can not afford to even think of buying more than 4 Nars lipsticks in a span of one year. However, I have no regret buying Nars' Dolce Vita because it is the perfect everyday lipstick for me. Also Nars Bette, which is on my 2015 wishlist. Another everyday lipstick choice in 2015 was Lipstick Queen in Saint Rose -sheer, moisturising, and feels very summery. I have 4 Revlon Lip products in Honey, Sultry, Smitten, and Adore, which are from the same Colorburst range, and they are most definitely my favorite drugstore lipstick range. I also love Rimmel for drugstore lipsticks; 107 was my all time favorite as it is suitable for any occasion and for any skin tone and Piccadilly Pink is a sweet, sweet colour to apply whenever I feel romantic. Bobbi Brown's Sweet Nectar and Maxfactor's Pink Brandy are both coral-ish colour and they are both presents from my mother and sister! Maybelline's Colordrama lip pencil in 110 was often my choice for formal instances. Topshop lip bullet in Motel is my definite go-to if I feel like being Kylie Jenner that day. Two products that I rarely use are liquid lipsticks because I found it hard and messy to apply; Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet and NYX in Strawberry Jam.

What lip products did you buy in 2015 and what are your favorites?


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