Sunday, January 24, 2016

Make Up Applications That Need Practice (and Patience)

Getting into the beauty realm of the Internet is, so far, addicting. However, my early days with beauty products were not as fun as they are supposed to sound. I bought several make-up products recommended by bloggers, Youtubers, and other Internet figures, got excited, and immediately tried it on my face. What nobody told me is that the products shown on Youtube tutorials did not come with the faces of the beauty gurus. This late realisation resulted in me looking at the mirror  feeling like an utter failure. I have then realised that even in beauty world especially in the beauty world, perfect application takes practices. I have created a list of four make up applications with detailed explanations of hows and whys -which seem pretty obvious, but these applications are sometimes being overlooked.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

to bang or not to bang?

Change is something that I am always afraid of. Around June last year, I was scared shitless about moving to Perth, Australia for about 1,5 years. Now that I have finished my study, I am going to leave Perth, and again, I am scared shitless. But everyone is afraid of changes to some extend. I, however, am terrified on the smallest change. Hair, for instance.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I have stated this sentence in possibly all of my social media; 2015 was fucking awesome. It was the best year of my life --so far. I turned 20, I spent most of my days in Perth (which I miss badly), I met a lot of amazing people, I finished my study, and I bought a shit-ton of lip products.