Friday, December 18, 2015

#MonthlySelfieFace: End of Year Selfie!

When I first started this segment, I thought it was a great and original idea and I would always do this every month. Wrong. Great and original? Meh. It was an okay idea, but I at least put effort to include a new segment on my blog. Did I write about this segment every month? Nope. I will always blame uni and work for not updating this blog more often. But really, I'm just that good at procrastinating. But hey, at least I'm good at something. This month's face was a tribute to the amazing year that is 2015. I wore what I usually won't wear on a daily basis, but this month I felt like celebrating.

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Base makeup, as per usual, no foundation, just sunscreen. This time around, I wore Mecca Cosmetica's Sunscreen SPF 30. All this time, I always thought that every single face sunscreen will leave a white cast.  That's until I'm introduced to this product. But I really shouldn't be surprised with how good this sunblock is, considering its Australian made and since summer in Australia is no joke, the genius people of this sunblock really knows what they're making. Despite not wearing full coverage base, I still needed to shield my heavy under-eye circles. Maybelline Fit-Me Concealer came to the rescue. For brows, I played it safe by wearing the usual combination of Faceshop's Brow Definer and L'oreal Brow Plumper. Now, now... the eyes! This is where I put more effort than most of the time. I wore eyeshadows! All shades I wore are from the Lorac Pro Palette -Mauve on the lids and Sable on the creases. Mauve is officially my favorite colour for my eyelids, as it's very subtle with a very small, tiny hint of purple. This month I somehow cannot leave the house without eyeliner, and Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner is the ultimate go-to. I love having my lashes curled and thickened, and L'oreal Butterfly False Lash mascara has helped me achieved that look. This month I specifically craved for some shimmer on my face, so I dabbed on a little of Benefit's High Beam on my cheek bones and my nose, with some Tony Moly's Crystal Blusher on top of it for a little sun-kissed colour. And since I felt like being merry on 2015, I wanted to wear my favorite lipstick ever, Rimmel Kat Moss' Lasting Finish in 107!

Do you have any certain looks to celebrate the year?


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