Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Everything Starts Here and It's All Because of Her

Everybody has got a story right? At least that's what Sutter thinks when he wanted to know Aimee, the female lead in the movie Spectacular Now (great adaptation of the book, btw). Despite not being a person, this blog has a story too; how it was created in the first place and why I particularly chose ~beauty~ out of all other things on the Internet to blog about. Before getting all wordy about unnecessary why's,  let me grace you with this beauty.

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Isn't she (I really hate using this word but it's really needed in this context) bae? That's because she literally is. If you don't know her (which means you're missing much), she's a Korean star Bae Suzy (yes, Bae is her last name, so she LITERALLY is bae). A little backstory to this story, in late 2011 I was very very VERY much into the K-Pop scene. I'm not talking about watching Youtube videos of 12 boys dancing in sync in the dark secretly, no. I'm talking about lining up 23 hours prior to a free meet and greet event that lasted for only 1hour. Yes, I was a fangirl, a dedicated one. K-Pop was kind of like a black hole to me, it sucks everything I have; attention, energy, and money. My obsession for K-Pop has its own ups and downs. The down was definitely me having financial issues (a.k.a broke) because of their expensive but hella impressive physical albums. The up? K-Pop was my 'gate' to the world of beauty and skincare. All because of that goddess above.

Bae Suzy was the face of the girl group Miss A. Miss A's I Don't Need a Man was my jam and it was actually the first song that got me digging more of the group. 'Hmmm interesting' was the thought I had of the group overall. But then I took a closer look to Suzy and find some more information about her and I fell in love instantly. First of all, no one I know can resist that face. Second, she has the cutest laugh. Third, and the most important of all, she has such a soothing voice. I became obsessed with her, I watched and/or read every single interview she had. I watched every drama she starred in (except for Big, I really don't want to ruin my image of her). And I watched every variety shows she appeared in, and one of them was Get it Beauty.

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Get it Beauty was a talk show with three hosts and a number of audience that discusses the world of beauty and skincare. When Suzy appeared, I only intended to watch that one episode, but as the show goes on, I was hooked up and ended up watching around 6 to 7 episodes in one day. The content of the show was very unique and original. For instance, they have this section where all of them would try on several products without having the brands displayed and only by the end the brands are revealed -very interesting considering that some people have biases toward some specific brands, this section of the show can actually present which really are the great products. Other than the content, Get It Beauty really shows me more of Korean beauty, which is really another world of beauty. From their no-makeup make up routine (which is very different to the western ones) to their 10 step skincare routine. Those are only the tip of what we know about Korean beauty, and there's much much more about it, which I will definitely talk about that later.

Those who are interested in beauty and skincare and have yet to discover the Korean ways, I highly suggest you people to look it up! Youtube definitely has many videos on it with English subtitles if you look neatly (my favorite channel is InsiteTV). What other beauty culture are you guys digging?


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