Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Everything Starts Here and It's All Because of Her

Everybody has got a story right? At least that's what Sutter thinks when he wanted to know Aimee, the female lead in the movie Spectacular Now (great adaptation of the book, btw). Despite not being a person, this blog has a story too; how it was created in the first place and why I particularly chose ~beauty~ out of all other things on the Internet to blog about. Before getting all wordy about unnecessary why's,  let me grace you with this beauty.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Will I Ever Get To Purchase These: Glossier Edition

Skincare and beauty is not a cheap obsession to have. While there are many many great beauty and skincare products the drugstores offer, I can't help but crave for the more expensive, fancy stuff. 'Will I Ever Get to Purchase These' will be a series of posts about brands or products that I long for but can't have, for multiple reasons. Financial reasons, for one. Another reason; geography. Even if the products are affordable or cheap as hell, I still can't get my hands on it because the products are only available on certain parts of the world. For instance, Glossier.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Skincare 101: The First Steps

Skin is a delicate organ of the body that needs a bit of a particular care because it basically protects the inside of the body. It also helps with feeling everything by touch. Unfortunately, skin is also the first body organ that got exposure from the air pollution of the surroundings. Pollution can cause many unwanted things for the skin that includes wrinkles and dark spot. Don't we all want to prevent having wrinkles at early age? The only thing that works to prevent those undesirable problems is by taking care of your skin. First step of skincare is to simply keep your face clean by washing your face every single day, in the morning and at night before bed. We all have different methods on how to clean our face, but I personally always look up to a Youtube video of a lady named Isabelle Belis showing step by step on how she cleans her face.

source: Into The Gloss

source: Into The Gloss