Sunday, September 6, 2015

Skincare Routine Switch-ups #2

Another post of skincare switch-ups! I always love reviewing skincare products a tiny bit more than make up products, because apparently i am obsessed with skin. This post will feature three products of my previous skincare routine that i just switched up, one i love, one i am okay with, and one that i'm not very fond of.

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Let's start with the one i love, pictured on the very left, is Nature Republic's Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream (that's one hell of a name). I'm starting to wear this as a replacement of my previous night cream, the Innisfree's Persimmon Pore&Pack cream. I was a bit torn up between this one and the one that's specifically for oily skin, but since i was purchasing this on winter and my skin started to dry out a bit, i went with the combination one. It's also the one with the more good reviews on the net. And it surely does deserve another thumbs up for me -this is one great moisturiser! First of all, i really like the consistency this product offers, it's not too thick or creamy, but it's also not too gel-like. It's sits right in the middle of both ends. I also like how hydrating this product is, which is why I think is perfect as an evening moisturiser. As i put this on before i go to bed, my skin feels dewy, and I wake up in the morning feeling more hydrated and fresh than ever! Last thing, a little goes a long way with this product. I purchased this in April, and i'm still halfway through the product! A definite A+ for me!

The one i'm okay with is a new brand that I'm trying, which is It's Skin's Power 10 Formula VE Effector. Frankly I bought this because it was displayed very 'in your face' in the store where it sells any kinds of Asian beauty products. So I decided to purchased this (also kind of admitting i fell for its obvious marketing strategy). I asked the woman at the store which one is good for oily skin and she pointed this one. I tried this out, and quite honestly, it does almost nothing to my face. I only felt like I'm adding more elements on my face whenever i put this on. But it doesn't break my skin out, which is why i only feel okay with this product. I don't think i will purchase this again in the future, or any It's Skin products to be quite honest :/

The final and my least favorite product on this post is this toner from Ren, The Clarimatte Clarifying Toner. I bought this because i was running out of toner and I searched for a western brand toner because I feel like trying out something new. I browsed Mecca's website, and this toner came second on the site. When i actually came to the stores, it was out of stock in most of the Mecca stores i went in. I went back a couple of weeks later and they finally have it in stock so I purchased it right away. However, when i tried it on for the first time, i immediately feeling less excited because of its strong alcohol scent. The scent was really strong that when I apply it on my face and live it sinks in for a couple of minutes, the smell lingers. Not only that, this toner also stings a bit on my face. Although the instructions on the product already warn about that tingling sensation on the package, i still feel quite uncomfortable with it. I finished this product anyway because when it comes to skincare i don't really like wasting and hoarding products. But i am most definitely will not purchase this product again.


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