Sunday, September 20, 2015

2015 Wishlist Check-off #1

So I made a list of things I need to have in 2015 on this blog some other months ago in hopes of someone reading it and give said things to me without hesitation. But I guess that is not the case since we're hitting September and I have yet to see a package of beauty stuffs sent to me. Also, I'm a student and I'm broke as ever, so i can never always purchase makeup anytime i want. However, I got a waitressing job and the payment was okay that I finally got to check off one item from my 2015 beauty wishlist.

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Nars' Audacious Lipstick line has been on my wishlist ever since the collection come out. Despite never actually owning the product, I've always adored Nars as a brand. I really think Nars is such a high class, sophisticated brand that if I ever get to posses one of its products, I feel like I have achieved something. Few months ago, I finally did achieve something. I swatched Nars' Audacious Lipstick in Bette on my hand, and I fall in love with it instantly. Then the sales assistant slash make up artist offered me to try it on my lips. Boy, was it pretty on my lips. I could not resist and 15 seconds later, I got a new lipstick with me.

First, the packaging. Nars has always had a sleek packaging for all of their products, but the Audacious Lipstick collection takes sleek to a whole new level. Also, the cap is magnetic! Second, the colour payoff. First swatch, you get a thin but deep colour of burgundy red with a brown undertone. Second swatch, a much deeper red with an even more rich colour. I also think this colour will suit any skin tone, even though on cool skin tone, this would most probably look flawless. Last, staying power. The rich colour doesn't stay forever, but, when it wears off, it doesn't come off completely and instead it leaves as a stain, which I am completely fine with.

This one lipstick made me want to purchase the whole collection but what can I do I'm broke anyways. One list checked off, 3 to go!

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