Friday, April 24, 2015

Skincare Routine Switch-ups #1

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I love taking care of my skin and i love my skincare routine probably more than i love my make up products (only by the slightest though). I have shared my skincare routine previously, but as of current, i switched up some products, so i thought i might share it, every time i switch up skincare products on my routine. I don't change products that often -only when the products are finished. So, posts like 'Product Empties' will not be featured on my blog because i always emptied my products. Also, i am very sorry for the lack of post lately :( i will make it up by posting up to 4 posts for April!

First thing that i switched once i finished it is my cleanser. I previously used Innisfree's Jeju Volcanic Cleanser for a little mount of time, because it comes in a mini packaging, so i finished it fast. I decided to go with another drugstore brand for my cleanser. As i looked at the shelves in Coles, i got my eyes on Neutrogena, i don't really know why though. And since i have oily skin, i go with the Neutrogena Oil Free Facial Cleanser. Unlike my previous cleanser, this comes in a pretty big packaging. I have used this since November last year and i finally finished it today! I do like this cleanser, it's light but it's not that foamy (i know it's a weird description, but i'm not a fan of foam cleansers).

The second product that i switched is toner. I was planning to buy another Etude Pore Freshner when i was back home in Jakarta, but i didn't get a chance to, so i decided to purchase a western brand once i got back to Perth. There are several considerations, and i ended up buying Mario Badescu's Cucumber Lotion. I got this one at Kit. store with a reasonable price, so i thought why not. This toner is so refreshing when applied after cleansing, and at first, i liked the smell of it. But as i wipe my face with it, the smell of the alcohol starts to overpower the nice smell it had. Yes, this toner contains alcohol. I first thought that my skin wouldn't adapt well with products that has alcohol in it, but so far, my skin is fine and is slightly better! But if you do have problems with alcohol-based products, i wouldn't recommend this to you.

I purchased another Mario Badescu product which is its Oil Free Moisturiser. This is a replacement for my day cream. I have a weird first impression on this; when i first applied this, i feel like i applied glue on my face -it's so sticky! However, when i blend it with my fingers, it leaves off a nice matte finish and it's surprisingly not as sticky when blended. It does, however, always feels like applying glue whenever i apply this first.

The last product is not necessarily on my routine, it's more like an addition. It's The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil. Lately i have zit problems on my forehead, between my brows (weird, i know). Thankfully, it isn't the big ones, it's more like a subtle zit, but it's still zits anyway! My friend recommend buying tea tree oil, as tea tree is said as a good ingredient in 'fixing up' blemishes. I decided to buy the Body Shop, i don't particularly have a reason as of why Body Shop, out of all brands, but this product does it job well. I applied this every night after my night cream, and when i woke up in the morning, the zit has slightly disappear. I used this for a couple of night for the zit to disappear completely.

Has anyone tried the products above? What do you think about it?

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