Sunday, March 22, 2015

#MonthlySelfieFace: March

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This is something i came up with and it's the result of the excessive selfie-taking behaviour i have. I do take a numerous amount of selfie a day, and i decided to actually share on this blog the make up i wear on my selfie that day. I decided to make this monthly because unlike other beauty blogs, i don't own a large collection of makeup products, and i'm afraid if i do this daily or weekly, there won't be a variety of products to write. Also, i apologise i'm only starting this instead of in January or February because honestly, i just came up with this section only yesterday!

Although March is officially the start of autumn in Australia, every single day is still burning hot. The sun was no kidding -it can burns your skin to the inside of your body. In such heat, i will never ever use make up bases such as foundation, tinted moisturiser, or even bb cream because i'm afraid my skin will go horrid and cakey. Instead, i just stick with sunscreen (i wear Innisfree's No Sebum Sunblock) everyday. In the summer, i try to wear makeup as minimal as possible, so after applying sunblock, i go straight on my eyebrows. As you can see, my eyebrows are a mess and i got no eyebrow game whatsoever, so i just brush it a little and fill it in with my Brow Master from The Face Shop. Skipped eyeshadow, i drew a flick on my eyes with the best eyeliner ever laid on my eyes, Stila All-Day Waterproof Liquid Liner, because i believe winged eyeliner compliments every eyes. I also skipped mascara that day just because, so this leaves to the last product which is the one for the lip. I wore my current drugstore purchase, Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Piccadilly Pink because it just seemed like an appropriate colour for the day!

That is all the products i used at that time, not a lot, but it definitely gives a slight statement on my face. Do you have a certain looks for selfies? :)

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