Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 Beauty Wishlist

Happy New Year 2015! Sorry if i seem to neglect this blog, because i really don't. This blog was a final project for one of my subject at uni, so after i posted some posts, i should wait for my blog to be marked so i wasn't suppose to do anything with the blog for awhile -and apparently i didn't do anything on this blog for way too long! Along with new year, like everybody else, i want to accomplish some things; lose weight, do well in uni, make more friends, keep myself fit and healthier. I also have some beauty wishlist! Honestly, i don't want that much of things, just the basic ones, so here they are (and i hope i can actually get my hands on them this year!)

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Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Champagne: I was never that much of an eye makeup person (I'm always the lip product addict) so i never invest on eye primer. But lately, i've been going to weddings, and at weddings I dress properly with full makeup -including eyeshadow and stuff. And from that i just realised my joy  of applying colours to my eyelid, in which comes the need of eye primer. I select this one particularly because (it says) not only it helps your eyeshadow stays, it also gives off a beautiful shimmer, champagne colour to the eyelid so it doesn't look dull. this product seems very popular though, because i looked for this item in Kit stores but they were sold out at that time :(

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: Basically i put this on my wishlist for the same exact reason as above, except it's for my face. i don't wear foundation on daily basis, but when i do wear it, i don't use primer first and i felt very insecure, because my face is so so SO oily, i'm afraid my skin might break out anytime soon. Benefit Porefessional is what everybody on blogs have been raving about, but i thought i might give a shot for this one.

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Bette: THIS LIPSTICK RANGE IS EVERYTHING I WANTED IN Y WHOLE LIFE EVER SINCE IT WAS LAUNCHED. The packaging looks super slick, i swatched them on my arms and god they are SO pigmented but in a good way that they are rich of colour. I never know why i didn't purchased them whenever i swatched them on my hands, but once i get to see them in store next time, I WILL GET THEM! but i want this particular colour, Bette, because not only it suits my nickname (Betty), it is a super rich dark red colour, which im dying to have!

BareMinerals Matte Foundation: i just feel like i'm in need of another base, and this foundation have won awards and such, so i'm really curious of this product. It's a powder foundation, which i never tried, and i guess it leaves off a matte finish (perfect for my super oily skin). I also want to purchase the brush along with it.

So, those are my wishlist for this year. It's not much because i'm planning to actually get all of these products this year. What's your beauty wishlist?

P.S. i really want to change my url; the current one sounds super narcissistic. i cant think of any as of now, but it will be changed soon! 

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