Friday, November 7, 2014

Peachy Cheek

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Blush is a hit or miss make up item for me, especially powder blush. When i first got into make up, powder blush is an item that i find difficulties applying. I swirl my brush on the blush, apply it on my cheeks, and nothing significant appears on my cheeks, so i apply it numerous time until my cheeks got red -overly red. I never really master the art of applying blush, even though for some people it's a piece of cake.

The Revlon Matte Powder Blush in Perfectly Peach is one of the first blushes i own. Peach is my favourite colour to be applied on my cheeks, because it does not appear like you have a lot of make up on, but it gives you a decent look of a well-treated face. This blush offers a various colour, from Blushing Berry to Rose Rapture. This peachy blush gives off a nice matte finish instead of a dewy, shimmering finish.

However, this powder is not as pigmented as i hope it is. My lack of skill in applying blushes does not help in applying this specific powder blush, because i could never seem to get the colour on my cheeks, and if i apply too much, i'm afraid i might end up looking like a disaster.

So, do I like it? I love peach, but to me this is not pigmented enough, and I certainly need someone to give me a tutorial on how to apply this product on me! 

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